Shiny shiny!!!

RunDisney finally released the medal for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler!

Isn’t it pretty?

The elevator moves, and as the right side of the picture shows, there are GLOW IN THE DARK features!!!!

I cannot wait to get that around my neck!!!

Of course, that’s a little ways away. Specifically it’s…


Of course I have a few things before that!

Like the Clare Fund Run 10K tomorrow. I’m ready I think. I’ve got my route there plotted out – definitely a challenge considering the MTA is doing their usual fuckery with the trains on the weekends. I’m hoping I can do well in it. My PR is 1:14:57, which is a 12:05/mile pace – that’s from the Mini 10K last June, which was in Central Park and included Harlem Hills. My NYRR bib pace, which was set at the Japan Day Run (4 miler), is 11:16. If I can hit somewhere between those two, I’ll be extremely happy. Given that it’s a flat course on the boardwalk, I’m hopeful! (For reference, at Coogan’s 5K, which also included hills (oh did it include hills), my average pace was 11:54. I could definitely live with that.) I still try to be in the camp of “have fun and finish”, but I’d really like to be able to get into a timed corral for Tower of Terror (I doubt I’d be able to move up for Broad Street), and a sub-12 minute mile would definitely do it. So that’s what I’m shooting for.

My leg is feeling better today, and I’ve toyed with maybe doing a gentle run later on, but I’m leaning towards stretching, maybe some yoga…just chilling for another day and really giving it my all tomorrow. I’ll update you with what I end up doing.

I did go over to the More/Fitness Women’s Half expo for a little while today. I remembered from last year that it was a bit better than the expo for the NYC Half (skipped that one this year) – though it’s still minute compared to Disney’s. I managed to get some nice samples – a Jenny Craig snack bar, which I think I’ll have pre-race tomorrow; some Playtex Sport tampons (sorry boys…they’re a necessity…well, some form of protection is); a little recipe book for grapefruit stuff that looks YUMMY; some Aveno products; and a couple of NoGii bars, but I had to be careful with those as out of the 5 samples they had out of the adult bars, 3 of them contained peanuts. You’d think that if they’re going to worry about gluten allergies they’d worry about peanut allergies as well, but apparently not. Even the “Chocolate Caramel” has peanuts in it. Not cool NoGlii. Not cool. (Though the berry paleo bar was good I must admit.) I doubt I’ll spend money on them and put it into Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s pocket, but it was interesting to try. I dropped my name in some drawings – not that I’ll win, but it’s nice to try. And tried the wheel at SkirtSports – where I got $5 off any purchase today, which would have been awesome if I could have bought anything. Oh well.

Now it’s just chill-out time. 🙂

Happy running!!


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