Broad Street Week 8 Run 1. And a URD today.

Run 1 of week 8 was yesterday. 5.1 miles along the Hudson. In the wind – which should be a good practice in case there’s wind off the water on Saturday.

It most definitely wasn’t the easiest run I’ve had. I really struggled with myself to keep going sometimes, even finding myself thinking “Oh, I’ll just cut it short. I’ll be ok.” But I kept going. I had opted to listen to part 1 of Marathon Talk’s interview with Kathrine Switzer, and honestly that’s what kept me going. Even though I’m far slower than she was/is, listening to her talk about her struggle to bring women’s running into the public eye really put my little 5 mile run in perspective. I should be celebrating my body’s ability to run and the fact that I can enter races and just love running, even if I know I’ll never be in a position to win anything.

And so I kept going. I miscalculated the number of reps I’d need (should have gone with 15 rather than 12), and so I wasn’t at 5 when I hit the “cool down” period. I had a choice then. Leave the run at 4 miles and change or go on my own to get to 5. I opted for the second choice, and while I didn’t necessarily stick to my 3/1 ratio I didn’t simply walk to get to the 5 mile mark.

So overall, though it was a pretty rough run, I’m proud of myself for sticking it out and doing it.

And now we’re at today, where I’m taking an unscheduled rest day (URD). Sometime yesterday, my left…I’m guessing piriformis started screaming at me a bit. So today’s a day to rest it and stretch it gently (like I should have been doing all along but have been bad). Tomorrow will be the same as on Saturday I’ve got a 10K race – the Clare Fund Run. The nice thing is it’s along the beach so it should be relatively flat. Fingers crossed that things feel ok and it goes well.

BSR training mileage: 114.04


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