Broad Street Week 7 Run 2

It was theoretically going to be nice to sleep in this morning. However, it ended up being nice to wake up with no alarm. Sleeping a bit later would have been nice, but I guess my body is used to being up at around 5:15. Well, that or one of the tow trucks that was towing cars whose owners didn’t bother to move them in spite of the signs up saying no parking Friday or Saturday. It never ceases to amaze me how people apparently live close enough to park but can’t hear all the racket the tow trucks make. Anyhoo…

I piddled around the apartment for a while, then decided to suck down a GU and go for my run. Beautiful if slightly chilly morning. Prospect Park was nice – not too busy for the most part. About halfway around a group came in all running (and chanting) in a pack. I didn’t have my contacts in, so I couldn’t see what it was, but it looked (and sounded) like possibly some ROTC group. Thankfully they were going the same way and were soon out of my sight. (Bad, bad memories of the ROTC boys from high school makes me want to avoid those packs at all costs.)

But I still had a great run. All my run intervals done. Finished strong. A textbook training run. I’m starting and ending them with strength, and I’m feeling good throughout the run. Can’t really ask for more. Although…

I’m really starting to hope I’m not peaking too soon for this. But I’m feeling really strong and prepared!

BSR training mileage: 98.24


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