Broad Street Week 7 Run 1

aka Beth v. Harlem Hills

I do not really like the Harlem Hills. No matter which way you go you have a couple of not nice uphills to contend with – and the downhills don’t always make up for it. Still…running hills is good for me, and I know I get to deal with them for the Mini in June (and also the Pride Run later in that month I think), so I might as well get used to them.

I started out somewhere between Columbus Circle and 72nd. Turned left and started my warm-up. Had to dodge and watch for the tourists on bikes who have little to no control, so that in and of itself was a success. I started out determined to run my segments on the Harlem Hills, but early on I was seriously doubting that I’d be able to do it. After my warm-up it was a rough start. I felt draggy and like I just couldn’t get my stride no matter what. Still, I was determined to at least try. I buckled down and went for it.

And I did it!!!!!

All my run segments on Harlem Hills were done successfully!!! And I did all of my run segments afterwards too. Granted one of those was going down Cat Hill (the reward for going left is you get to go down Cat Hill), but still. I did it!

I’m pooped and about to crash now, but woohoo!!! Gotta celebrate, you know? 5.74 miles at 12:54 average pace. AND run segments on Harlem Hills! Hooray!!

BSR training mileage:94.28


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