Broad Street Week 6 Run 3

Yes, yes. This happened on Sunday. And I’ve been crazed since with Disney Store and teaching and just flat out trying to rest. So ready for Spring Break – which starts at 3pm tomorrow!!!

Anyway… Saturday I’d thought I’d get my butt out there and run. However, three trips back to the apartment for things forgotten combined with the cold drizzle seemed like a sign. At least it made me think about it hard. While yes, I will run a race in cold rain or drizzle, I’ll also have warm and dry clothes to change into. Because of the hour I was leaving, I had nowhere to drop off my bag with warm, dry clothes, and that would have meant a couple of hours of running in the cold and drizzle or rain and THEN at least an hour’s ride on the subway, still damp/wet and cold. And given how I get chills as I cool down anyway, I figured I was asking for hypothermia.

So I moved the LSR to Sunday.

Got up early and was on my way to the subway just before 5. I’d already decided to run along the Hudson – yes it’s flat, but it’s convenient, and I know where my Starbucks points are once I’ve finished.

It was a good run! 9.58 miles! Not quite the paces I’ve been having, but still a good steady pace. And all the run intervals were done. Yay!!

Definitely feeling good about the big one (Broad Street) at this point. We’ll see what the race on the 14th looks like. 🙂

BSR training mileage: 88.54


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