Broad Street Week 6 Run 2

Again, the report is on the day after. But whatever. 🙂

Got up early yesterday morning and went over to the park close to my apartment for a run. Successfully did 3.74 miles at an average pace of 13:22. Most of the slower parts are the warm-up and cool-down as usual.

It went well! What I’m most proud of is my last run segment was my fastest average run segment (10:03) – I am really working on finishing strong. It felt great!

I’d had every intention of going out this morning for a 9 mile run. I’d planned to go and drop off my laundry, then head up to Central Park to get my run in and finish up in time to get to Front Runners at 11. Well…it didn’t end up happening.

Oh, I was up in time to get up there. Got the laundry dropped off and the lottery tickets checked (two outright said “not a winner”, one said “results not in” which is confusing because out of my five picks, two of them each had ONE of the regular number and one of them had the extra number, so I don’t think they’re any huge winnings on there…but I’ll check it again later) and came back to grab my water bottle and drop off the change and extra money. Started down the street and realized I didn’t have my knee strap. While I am occasionally willing to do a shorter run without it, I’m not ready to do a long run without it. So back to the apartment for that. THEN I was headed back to the subway (knowing I would be pushing it to make it to FRNY and get all my mileage in but still going to try) when I realized that my ziplock baggie with my ID, metro card, check card, and a little cash wasn’t in my pocket. Retraced my steps all the way back to my apartment (and hoping that if it had fallen out the fact that I hadn’t really seen anyone else out on the street would bode well) to discover that it was in on the futon. Yeah, it was that kind of morning.

I thought about it and decided that all my trips back were probably a sign. I was willing to go and do my run even though it’s cold and drizzly/rainy. After all, like I say, I’m not going to not run a race I’ve paid for just because the weather is gross. But all the to-ing and fro-ing gave me time to really think about it. Prospect Park would be the most logical place for me to go, especially knowing I couldn’t make the FRNY meeting. But with the subways being messed up, it would be a pain in the butt to get there. And it would take a lot of time. So either way – Prospect or Central – I’d be looking at a long (at least an hour) trip back to my apartment cold and wet. Not a good idea, especially when I tend to get chills as I cool down shortly after running in the best of circumstances. That’s the one problem with living in the city and not having a car – I can’t immediately get into something and turn on the heat to warm-up and dry off. (Ok, there is the option of leaving stuff at NYRR headquarters as long as I’m still a member – so theoretically I could change there, but it’s more of a pain for me to get there as it’s on the east side and the west side is far more accessible to me.)

So I took the weather and my forgetfulness together as a sign. I’ll be getting my butt up EARLY tomorrow to get my run in, get home and shower, go to brunch with Tricia, and go to work at 3. It’ll be a busy day.

Missed my goal of 70 miles in March (which if I’d run today I would have met), but that’s ok. I feel good about my decision to just listen to the universe and chill today. My gut says there’s a reason it happened like that, so I’ll trust it.

BSR training mileage: 78.96


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