Broad Street Week 6 Run 1

Yesterday I took a day off from work to just chill and give myself a mental break (ok, so I worked at the store in the afternoon/evening…but that was tons of fun as it was the 25th anniversary so it was party, party, party!!). It was nice to do a not-too-early morning run over in Prospect Park. Made me think of the summer – minus the heat.

I did essentially a loop and a half to get my 5 miles in. It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be at pace, but I didn’t want to just shuffle along either. So I pushed for most of it and only backed off occasionally. But I never dropped to a walk during a run interval!! 5.88 miles. And my average pace was 12:35!!

Each of these runs that goes so well is total bank! I am really working on making my body remember what it feels like to finish something hard and what it feels like to push through difficulties and times when I want to stop. The more I can do that, the better off I’ll be in my races!

In order to get into a times corral at Disney for Tower of Terror, I only have to get to a 12 minute mile. My bib pace for NYRR races is 11:16. Granted that was for 4 miles and included hills…but I’m hopeful that with how things have been going I’ll be able to pull it off on the 14th. (Ok, yes, we all know I’m in the “happy to finish upright” camp…but I’d really like to be in one of the earlier corrals for ToT.) Fingers crossed!!!

We’re getting closer and closer to WDW Marathon registration day. I just wish they’d release the prices. Planning is a good thing…

BSR training mileage: 75.22


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