If it ain’t broke…

Ok, so yes, my training plan called for three midweek runs – two shorter ones and one kinda long run – and a long weekend run.

And I’ve hit that…exactly once since I started. The rest of the time it’s been one kinda long run and one short run during the week and a long run on the weekend. And looking at things, that seems to be working for me.

So for Broad Street at least, this is what I’m going to stick with. After Broad Street, I’ll see about increasing it a little, especially as I move into marathon training.

Granted, I need to work in some cross training, so this week I’ll be adding in some yoga. Get some body-training strength in along with some flexibility.

I feel good about this. đŸ™‚

(That said, I’m more and more thinking I’m going to save up some money and look into trying Newtons. Or make that put money in a shoe fund, then go to a store that carries Newtons and try them there. But they sound like great shoes from everyone I know who wears them.)


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