Wow. Just WOW.

I have to say, I’d only ever heard of the Pearl Izumi brand of running shoes before today (a friend started out in them…he’s been trying something else lately, and I hope that this convinces him to change permanently).

But I can safely say it is one I would NEVER consider after seeing this ad

It’s completely offensive to a vast majority of runners I know. Granted we all know we’re slow. But we go out there and give it everything we have anyway. Just because we’re not sub-3-hour marathoners doesn’t mean we’re not giving it our best.

My friend Joanne did make me laugh with her comment when I posted this on facebook: “I think Pheidippides would look at today’s marathoners and say, ‘Are you guys crazy? I HAD to run that distance and it killed me!'”

I suspect she’s probably right!! 😀

I know I for one am never even considering anything shoes or otherwise by Pearl Izumi after this. Even if I was a fast runner, I’d do the same. If it’s offensive to even one, it’s offensive.

And this is offensive to more than one person I can assure you. We turtles and penguins have rights and feelings too. And by god we work hard and give it our all when we’re out there on the race course. To suggest that being slow is “dishonoring the distance/race” as this ad clearly does…well, they clearly think they don’t need our money.

I think they’d be surprised just how many of us there are and how powerful our dollars can be.

If it’s offensive to you, I encourage you to boycott Pearl Izumi as a total brand. I know I will be.


6 thoughts on “Wow. Just WOW.

  1. I saw this ad on FaceBook also and I, too, was very offended! My first pair of running shoes were from Pearl iZumi and they were good. I switched to Saucony last August and like them a lot better. After seeing their ad, there is no way I will be supporting Pearl with my money in the future. How arrogant can they be? And not to mention from a purely financial perspective, don’t they realize that these races gete most of their registration fees from those of us who are ‘not’ elites? I hope everyone votes with their finances and throws their support to other vendors who appreciate ALL athletes!

  2. That’s just wretched. I’m nowhere near ready for a full marathon, and I know it–but I have aspirations. Fast is nice, but the achievement is what counts. I’m running my first half this weekend, and if a rep from Pearl Izumi phoned right now to offer free gear for life, I’d turn the offer down.

  3. I think Izumi’s have had similar ads in the past. At least I think it was Izumi’s. They do it for attention, and it obviously works. I don’t agree with their marketing tactics at all either but they’re trying to target the elite “hard core” runners. Not sure if that’s a big enough market but I guess only time will tell. If they make themselves look elitist (such as car companies like BMW, Jaguar, etc) they’ll be known as a higher quality brand. I, personally, don’t wear them and most likely never will so I’m interested to see how this whole thing works out for them. (I have to now google and see if it really was them in the past too…but 90% sure it is)

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