Broad Street Week 4 Runs 2 and 3

Yes, I know I’m supposed to be doing 4. Next week I will. I promise!!

Got in too late last night (actually this morning) to blog yesterday’s run. It was good. 3.66 miles around the park close to my apartment. No gangs of guys on the other side of the street this time, and no smokers to pass. A couple of people here and there, but overall pretty lonely. A little misty…and I started out cold but ended up hot – the temperature was rising a bit even before the sun came up. A few minutes of rain, but nothing huge.

This morning got up (actually was woken about an hour ahead of planned wake-up time by some irate and/or strung out guy yelling at someone out on the street. Trust me…I know better than to go peek out the window. So I tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail as the yelling had also woken my bird. Oh joy. So I got up and had sme Blarney Scone (Trader Joe’s version of Irish Soda Bread), iced coffee and water. Then finally got myself dressed to head out for my LSR. I debated where to do it today. The advantage was that I knew I had time to go to pretty much any of the options. Not working until 8pm tonight left me all kinds of time.

I finally decided that since I’ve got a 10K coming up on a boardwalk in April, it might be a good idea to get some boardwalk practice in, so off to Coney Island it was. I got there and it was REALLY foggy. Like as in I couldn’t even see the water foggy. But there was a surprising number of people out – some just walking, others on bikes or out running. And of course some people with dogs on runner trip wires (those stupid retractable leashes). Seriously people? When you’re out where there are bikes all over and people running all around, don’t let the dog go to the full extension of the leash! You’re only asking to have your dog (and people around you) hurt in some way! Though at least those were leashed – there were a couple of “pocket pets” that were just being allowed to roam freely. I know for a fact one narrowly avoided being kicked. Not for any malice on my part – I LOVE DOGS!! – but because it just decided it wanted to chase me and was dangerously underfoot.

But runner tripwires and fog aside, it was a great run. NO wind, even on the beach. And really light waves. By the end of the run, the sun was out and it was getting warm and I could see the ocean, but it was tiny, quiet waves. Midway through the run I did about 4 or 5 intervals at or about my goal race pace – in the 11:30-12 minute range – and felt great for all of them! Actually I felt great for the whole run, which is very encouraging! My feet weren’t shuffling at all, even at the end!

Now that said, that didn’t stop one evil board from jumping up and tripping me in the 26th (of 26) run interval. I did the quick step thing and thought I was going to stay upright, but sadly no, I tumbled and rolled. In front of several guys who were setting up outside what used to be a roller rink for tanning and iron pumping. They were polite though, all making sure I was ok. Perfectly fine for the most part. Mainly pride was damaged because let’s face it – no matter how old you are or how strong you feel or what you’re doing, falling in front of people is embarrassing. My right elbow is a nice variation on shades of purple and blue now…but I can bend it and stuff and everything seems to be in working order.

Final mileage for this one? 8.57 miles! I don’t always reward myself with food/drink, but this time I did treat myself to a chocolate milkshake, which was yummy. Got home and have fueled up with food, more Blarney Scone…and some Guinness. It’s St. Patrick’s Day after all!! But yeah…overall a great run!!

BSR training mileage: 58.47


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