Broad Street Week 4 Run 1

Gotta love it when a run feels great!

Ok, not the whole thing…there were some run intervals in the middle that were a little rough and I walked a bit in those. Of course one then ended up with me running during what should have been my walk interval – only discovered that when the beep went off only a minute into it. But on the plus side, I ran the entire 3 minute run interval after it! And that seemed to be the turning point.

Stats for this one?

4.66 miles in 59:30 for a 12:46 pace. 144 average bpm.

All in all it was a gorgeous run along the Hudson. I thought about trying out the High Line…but it’s still on Winter Hours and would have closed at 7, so…I procrastinated too long in leaving to try it out. Perhaps another time. I hope that this warm weather this early doesn’t indicate a long summer of three-digit temps. Because that will be rough. But today was wonderful!

Gotta love it when everything comes together like today!!

BSR training mileage: 46.24


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