Catching Up ~ Broad Street Week 3 Run 2 and Run 3

Sorry, sorry! This past week has been chaotic!! Between teaching and working Disney and training, I’ve hardly had time to sit down and type anything!

I did get two good runs in though.

Thursday morning was one of my early morning trots around the block-sized park close to my place. I hardly ever see anyone walking except maybe towards the end of the run – but even if I do, there is a police precinct right on one corner that I could sprint to if necessary. That particular morning I almost thought I might have to as there was a group of what looked to be youngish men all walking down the street. They were on the other side, however, and all seemed oblivious to me there. Thankfully. And then there was one person walking towards the subway station’s area who was smoking. Blech. Just what I don’t want to pass while running! Still, I got 3.77 miles in at a 13:15 pace (which includes warm-up and cool-down).

Run 3 was 7.59 miles or two laps and a tad around Prospect Park. Did that one on Sunday morning for my long slow run. Well, apparently my body has a different idea about “slow” (or it did on Sunday) as my average pace was 12:54 (also including warm-up and cool-down). That’s just a minute slower than my 5K pace, so I still think that for my longer runs I should try and make myself slow down. At least a little! But I felt great the whole way, so as my friend Amy said, maybe this IS my new LSR pace. I’ll see how things go with my 8 on Saturday.

I should have run this morning – both for the training plan AND to combat stress brought on by my own stuff resulting in a meeting with my principal…but I was afraid I’d push too hard or something and hurt myself in some way. So I’ll plan on a good run tomorrow and Thursday…and maybe Friday as well.

Happy running everyone!!

BSR Training Mileage: 41.58


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