Broad Street Week 3 Run 1

Yes, I should have done a run yesterday, but I woke up sometime in the night very stuffy and with a scratchy throat. Combine that with a wind chill of 20 or below and I made the decision to not go out. (Of course karma got me by having a car horn go off for a solid 5 minutes at the time my alarm initially would have gone off for the run, so I was awake anyway.)

But that said…I did get out today – this afternoon actually. Headed back over to Prospect Park and got 4.75 miles including warm-up and cool-down. I really need to find a way to take that time out to get the actual workout average pace because I’m sure the 5 slower minutes on either end are bringing it down. Still, it was an average including those of 13:07, so that’s not horrid. I’ve got time to work on it.

I am scheduled for a run tomorrow, but since I work, that would mean in the morning and less than 12 hours after this one, so I’m thinking Friday…and then Saturday with my LSR on Sunday. I’ll see.

BSR training mileage: 30.22


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