Broad Street Week 2 Run 3…aka Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K

I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of 5K *races*. I don’t mind walking 5Ks as I’ve done several times with my sister. But running them? I like that only slightly better than 10Ks. I’m more of a distance girl I’m finding.

But I have to say, Coogan’s is really one of my favorite races. It’s out and back, and the starting line is (or at least feels) slightly smaller than when races are in Central or Prospect Park so it takes a while to get across the line, and I’m far enough back that I’d barely started when the lead runners came flying by on the other side. But it’s also fun to see teammates as they pass. And this year it wasn’t raining! I could have done with a little more sun, but I’ll take it!

When I got up, I had a sunbutter and honey sandwich and diet Coke. And water. Then about 20 minutes before the start I sucked down a Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon (thanks Kathy for the recommendation to try it after the GU debacle at Disney). YUM!!! I mean, as far as gels go! And I do think that the energy helped me.

They’d altered the starting and finishing spots slightly this year, but all the hills are still totally there. I did run up the first one and most of the second, then decided to walk the next one to conserve. There were a couple of places where I might have been able to push myself a little more, but I never totally slacked off…and I wanted to really finish strong.

If you’re a Front Runner, the corner at 190th in particular is fun as that’s where those not running the race gather (and then some members host a brunch in their apartment on that corner after the race) to cheer us all on. It’s always a boost to get cheered for, and especially when they’re calling your name.

When I hit the 3 mile mark, it just happened to be time for a run interval, so I started and kicked it into high gear as I got closer and closer to the finish line. Doing my strides really paid off because I sped up and felt awesome!! (I also remembered the lesson Andrea learned at Disney in January and didn’t turn my head one way or the other but just kept focused straight ahead. No tumbling across the line for me!!) My fastest pace came during that period – 4:35!!! I can’t do it long, but I can speed when I have to!

My finish time was 36:55 (11:55 average pace)! It wasn’t quite a PR, but I’m super proud of that finishing kick!! And to do that time with those hills after being a slug for a couple of weeks? I’ll most definitely take it!! (And I’m thinking it bodes well for what should be a pretty flat 10K in the Rockaways next month!!)

Now to rest and fully rehydrate!

BSR training mileage: 25.47


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