Broad Street Week 2 Run 2

Ok, this should have been written yesterday, but it was a crazy busy day and that didn’t happen. The write-up that is. The run happened.

EARLY in the morning the run happened.

It was one of those fight with myself to get out of bed runs, but once I was out there I was glad I did. The intervals (10 x 3/1) went by quickly, which was really nice. I don’t think I checked the number interval I was on until like the 8th one.

My school-year early morning run route is definitely not interesting – just going around and around the perimeter of a block-sized park near my apartment. BUT I can get there and home for a shower easily (as in no waiting on a subway), AND I’m within sight of a police station at all times. So it works.

I’d thought I might do a run today, but with a 5K tomorrow, sleep and rest felt like the right decision. (Also a friend at work last night playfully poked my neck with a piece of cardboard and happened to hit right on a tendon/nerve so my neck and shoulder were achy. Totally random – he didn’t poke hard but he happened to hit at one particular point that just hurt. Crazy!!) I keep “hearing” the words I’ve read from so many running gurus…you can’t really make up a missed run. So.

Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K is tomorrow. It’s hilly…so I’m not really expecting much. But we’ll see. I surprised myself last year with how well (for me) I did. So anything can happen. I’m off to get my bib and stuff in a few minutes.

Have a good day everyone!!

BSR training mileage: 22.37


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