Broad Street Week 2 Run 1. And a Fantasy!

Today began my second week of Broad Street Run training.

And I *probably* should have hit either Prospect or Central Park to get in some work on the hills there considering I’ve got Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K on Sunday, and that is one hilly course!

But there was something I wanted to see, so I decided on Hundson River Park. The decision about where to start was tough…I knew where I needed to end up, and I knew that my usual starting point (near Battery Park) would put me short of that (since I was to run 3 miles). But at the same time, 14th Street probably wouldn’t give me enough miles until I got to what I wanted to see…and once I saw it, it would be tough to keep going.

So a Battery Park area start it was. I thought I’d sped up enough on my warm-up, and maybe I had…but I definitely started out a little overly fast and was quickly wheezing. I tried to keep on running in my run segments, but ended up doing a bit more walking for the first half until the inhaler finally kicked in and I was able to do my running intervals again.

Luckily, I was in my cool-down mode when I caught my first glimpse…

That bit of red back beyond the trees? That’s her!!

The Disney Fantasy!!!!

She docked in NYC this morning and will be here through her Christening on Thursday (I think she’s leaving on Friday…but I’m not 100% on that)!! I wanted so badly to see her come in, but I felt guilty about taking the day off, so I opted to just work my run so I could see her.

I ended up walking about a mile and a half beyond where I stopped the garmin, but I’m not counting that in my mileage. When I got there, I took some more pics. Here are a couple…

She is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

So a little wheezy, but otherwise a good run! 🙂

BSR training mileage: 18.63


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