Broad Street Week 1 Day 4

Today was my first LSR under my Broad Street training.

6 miles.

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside! But a bit on the cold side. Especially along the Hudson River! But I still went out there and did it.

For a total of 6.41 miles and an average pace of 13.24. So a bit faster than a LSR should be, but I felt great and everything feels good. No twinginess anywhere – which is great, especially considering my 2 weeks off. I honestly expected some twinginess in the ITB if nothing else. But nope! Hooray!!

It’s not the 13.1 I could have had if flight prices were more affordable and I’d been able to go to Disney to run the Princess Half (which I really wanted to do, but the flight prices back were ridiculously expensive – mainly because it’s the end of pretty much all of the Northeast’s Winter Break), but it was a good run of almost half the distance, so I’ll take it.

I do need to make sure I go and get some Stingers or some kind of gel or mid-run fueling. I’m still skittish about GU since the whole upset stomach at Disney thing. I probably could/should have had something at least partway through the run since it was almost an hour and a half, but I managed to finish and do so pretty strong. But banana chocolate chip coffee cake and an upside down skinny caramel macchiato make a great post-run snack!! 🙂 YUMMY!

So week 1 of my training for Broad Street is done! So far so good!!

BSR training mileage: 14.87


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