Broad Street Week 1 Run 1

This morning I set the alarm, woke up, and got into the running clothes! (Amazingly they fit as well as the last time I had them on!) Got outside, turned on the garmin and let it find the satellites, and then off I went.

The plan called for 3 miles at “conversation” pace. I opted to go for 3 minute run/1 minute 30 seconds walk just since I’ve been a slug for the past couple of weeks. I might change it to 3/1 tomorrow, but we’ll see. I try to keep an eye on how far I go for the warm-up so that’s not ocunted in my “prescribed” mileage. So like this morning my warm up was 0.32 miles. Meaning I didn’t let myself go to cool-down until I was at least at 3.32 miles. I ended up going a little over as I was in the middle of a run interval when I hit 3.32 and wanted to finish that interval and do the accompanying walk before the cool-down. So my total ended up being 3.79 miles.

My average pace was 13:27, which definitely has room for improvement, but given that it was my first run in two weeks, I don’t think is bad. That’ll come down a bit on its own, and especially if I tinker with the interval lengths. But all in time. All in time.

My parents’ neighborhood is definitely very rolling, so that in and of itself is a bit challenging. But I did it, so that’s good. I got back to the house and did my 5 killer caterpillars before getting in the shower. Those are definitely much more challenging after a run than just doing them cold.

Oh yes. I have decided that as there may well be some weeks I have to get my long run in on Sunday I’m going to move to a Mon-Sun as my “week” schedule.

Hooray! I love kicking off a new training schedule!

BSR training mileage: 3.79


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