Plans and Goals!!

I was doing some poking around on the runDisney Tower of Terror 10 Miler page for what their proof requirement is going to be. Proof of time is required for an estimated finish of 2:00:00 or less. And it has to be from a 10K or longer from AFTER July 1, 2011! That’s like, only 7 months ago. My best numbers put me at like 2:00:57 per the McMillan calculator, and that was the NYC Half last year, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

I’ve got a 10K in April – the Rockapulco Spring 10K, which looks to be pretty flat as opposed to Central Park where my 10K PR was set. (Or maybe I’m just being very wishful in my thinking and basing it off of the fact that the Rockaways are BEACH. Per McMillan, I’d need a 1:11:37 10K to estimate a 2:00:00 10 miler. That may actually be doable…my 10K PR is 1:14:57, and that was on hills.

Of course I could just run 2:00:00 or better at Broad Street too… And the 10K is part of that training plan.

I want to be in one of the higher corrals for ToT – one that requires proof of time. And so my path is clear…

ROCK the training for Broad Street!!!

I’m going to use Higdon’s Novice 2 (but with the long run mileage from Intermediate 1 – which really doesn’t make a lot of difference) and keep my intervals. 3/1 or 3:30/1 seem to be working well. Since I’ve taken this week off – a cold, which though in my head tends to aggravate the airways and make me wheezy – so I should be good and rested. XT will be my Butt and Balance/Yoga Abs combination. And starting tomorrow, at least 5 of Coach Jenny’s Killer Caterpillars. If I can work my way up to more, so be it. But I think this combination will help make me stronger – and hopefully a bit faster, especially if I can buckle down and do as many of my runs as possible in Central or Prospect Park where I have to contend with hills.

And also? Buckle down with my focus on weight loss. But do it healthfully. No crash diets – watching calories, not overdoing it on splurge days. I’ve lost a bit, but this week in particular I’ve slid. I have managed to not go get ice cream tonight (seriously…this would not be as much of a problem if the bodega around the corner didn’t carry Ben & Jerry’s!) by having a little bread with nutella and a banana…and brushing my teeth immediately afterwards. But it’s been a big struggle. I know I’m not body hungry…I’m mouth hungry, which is dangerous.

I’ve been using My Fitness Pal, and I like it…but I’m wondering if doing Weight Watchers via meetings would be better. I think I need the accountability of that weigh-in thing where someone else is reading it so I can’t just say “Oh I’ll ignore this week’s numbers”, you know? I just have to figure out if there’s a meeting that would consistently work with my schedule (unless anyone knows if you have to go to the same meeting every week?) and make that decision. Hmm…

I do know I’m going to invest in a crockpot! My ROTE friends are always making the BEST sounding recipes (that work with WW as many of them are on it), and I think if I get one and make things, I can make good meals to be refrigerated and/or frozen. I know I’ve tried to do the soup thing before (oh yes, this blog is well after my adventure of learning that you don’t blend hot stuff…when I moved to NYC I was still finding dried bits of broccoli from that ill-fated soup attempt), but these are like…MEALS. So that’s something anyway.

So…training plan in the calendar and laid out in my head – all of it including the XT; crock pot decision made; 95% of the way to joining WW…

I’m feeling good about things. 😀


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