Some random things

I can’t really get my brain to focus on one thing at a time, so this will be a post of just some random thoughts. 🙂


* I’ve found a new running podcast, and it may well be my new favorite thing. Running With The Pack is awesome! I’m catching up on the past podcasts from the beginning – there’s a different co-host then, so I’m interested to see what happened there. 🙂 But the most recent one is good too. I love that a) there are two people (most of the time), so there’s a back and forth (very much like Marathon Talk – one of my other favorites) and not just one person; b) I don’t constantly feel like I’m listening to a thinly disguised ad for various products; c) the intro and outro music is short and to the point – not 4+ minutes of the same old few bars over and over again; and d) the people who do it are self-proclaimed mid-pack runners (though the times mentioned seem fast to me…at least they’re more realistic for me). Check it out! Allan and Stevie are awesome!!


* This was going to be a full post, and it may still be, but I’ll just say this. They are called “Finisher’s Medals” for a reason. Your race entry doesn’t (or shouldn’t) mean that you get it just for showing up. In my humble opinion, you need to run (or walk) ALL of the race under your own power. NOT get on a van that (race sanctioned) transports you further down the course so you can cross the finish line. NOT get it from a volunteer on the sweep van “because you tried really hard”. And for the love of all that is holy NOT because a race date got changed and you can’t make the new date. And yes, I’ve heard of all of these things happening from reliable friends who have seen it in all three cases and experienced medals being offered on the first two NOTs up there. If the race information says “Participant Medal”, that’s one thing – though I’ve never seen that, and I would stand by my assertion that you actually need to PARTICIPATE in the race to get it. No a DNF wouldn’t be fun – I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve seriously considered it twice. Both times at Disney – Wine and Dine and honestly during the pre-banana portion of the full this year. And yes, I’d feel like total shit about it. But I wouldn’t have taken the medal if I didn’t finish. Maybe I’m weird that way, but it’s how I feel.


* RunDisney has finally released the prices for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler!! I’m pleasantly surprised at the relative low cost – particularly if you register early, which I’m planning to. 10 miles? Villain themed? I’m so there!!!

* I’m still what I’m calling a “toddler runner”. I know I’m still learning, still developing. I’m also still experimenting with things that will work best for me. That’s going to include some trials with fueling – especially after the GU disaster that was the WDW Marathon. While it’s worked for me before, that weekend it simply didn’t. And in classic Beth fashion, my body seems to be remembering its Marathon Weekend reaction to it as though I was feeling perfectly fine, when I tried to suck some down for a long training run recently, it was gag city again. 😦 (By classic Beth fashion, I had this same reaction with Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup for the longest time because when I was little and would get sick, that’s what Mom would feed me. And my body remembered…) I’ve had a Honey Stinger before and that was ok…so I may experiment with them. Of course, this makes me sad in that I’ve got three almost full boxes of GU in my cabinet. I may experiment with my liquid fueling too. I do love how light Nuun is, but after listening to some of the earlier episodes of Running With The Pack and learning that sorbitol, which is in Nuun, can be a laxative, I’m wondering if that might be part of the stomach things at Disney. It might not be…could just be that it exacerbated whatever else was going on. But it can’t hurt to look around. With fueling.

There’s one thing that I am not so cavalier about experimenting with. Shoes. Yes, I’ve changed brands – but because a shoe wasn’t working for me. And only with a LOT of trying on a whole lot of different shoes. God bless the guys in my local running stores! I’d definitely never buy a shoe I wasn’t able to try on first. (Not saying I wouldn’t order from online…but only after I’ve bought and tried a pair from my LRS. Little PSA here…if you’re going to use your LRS for a shoe fitting, have the decency to buy at least one pair from them! I’m outraged at the number of people I hear or read say something like “Oh yeah. I got fitted by a running store. But I found them cheaper on EBay so I bought them there. Your LRS doesn’t charge for the fitting (at least the ones here don’t) because they’re trusting you to support them if you’re going to use their services. IMHO, if you’re not going to do them the courtesy of buying the pair they took time (and money in the form of paying the person who worked with you), don’t even bother going in for a fitting. It’s just plain rude. Note that my “buy from them” rule only applies to a store where there are multiple brands. If you go to an Asics store and Asics don’t work for you, don’t feel obligated. But do be courteous and thank them.) And definitely not just because I heard about it in a podcast. Did I go and try the Sketchers? Yes…not because I heard about it on a podcast, but because I was intrigued by the fact that Meb – our national champ in the marathon – being sponsored by them. I went into the store and tried them on including running on the treadmill…and they’re not for me. At all. No harm, no foul. (See above caveat about multi-brand vs. single-brand shoes.)

Of course, I’m in the camp of “if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it” with most things. Running shoes being at or close to the top of that list. I’m not getting injured in – or rather, as a result of – my shoes. The wear pattern shows I’m naturally a midfoot striker. So I’m sticking with what works. I guess if you’ve got the money to throw around, go for it. I’ll stick to my local running store and the shoes (Brooks Ravenna2s and Defyance 4s thank you!) that aren’t doing anything wrong to me. 🙂


Ok, so some of those thoughts got a little long. They’re still pretty scattered though. I’ll try to get it together soon! 🙂


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