Beth – 1; Cat Hill – 0

I have conquered!!

Well, at least for a day!

Met up with my other Front Runner buddies for the Saturday fun run yesterday! First time in a while as between my Disney schedule and my training schedule it just hasn’t worked out for me to go. And even though I don’t run *with* them as they’re all too fast for me, just knowing that we’re all in the park together is nice. And then we meet up with afterwards at Rutger’s Presbyterian for bagels and conversation and any news.

After introductions, they all took off around the bottom loop to begin and I took off across the 72nd Street transverse for the 4-mile loop (the only one other than 2 laps of the bottom loop I can do in the allotted time). My warm-up took me just to the base of Cat Hill, so my first run interval was definitely going to be the better part of Cat Hill.

Oh joy.

Still, I decided that I was going for it. After all, this was at the beginning of my run. And this was to be my long, slow run, so if I burned out, I could still walk and have the foot time. Started off, not trying to go fast but just trying to keep a steady, if slow, running pace.

And I did it!!!

At an average pace for that interval of 11:50!!

I did end up doing a little more walking in the middle sections – but that was more due to wheezing as my reactive airway is acting up with this cold I’ve gotten from my lovely children at school. Still, my average pace for the whole run was 12:58mm!!

So much for a long, slow run.

And down went Cat Hill!!



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