End of January Check-In

Well, we’re one month into 2012. Yay!

My biggest goal for the past 12+ months has been finishing the WDW Marathon, and I did it!! 🙂 Yay!!

Now for my other goals…

First: Finally finish a novel and/or play that I’ve been working on.
Uh, no progress here yet. Need to get on that.

Second: Be more active socially.
Shortly after setting this, I went to a kinda sorta speed dating thing. I ended up with 5 matches. I’ve had my dates with all of them (well, one was a phone date) – and they generally seemed ok. We’ll see. It’s baby steps.

Third: Get myself to a healthy BMI.
Well… I’m down 2.4 pounds since January 10. It’s not exactly what I was hoping for, but a loss is a loss. And I know I had a bad eating week last week. So it’s time to buckle down and get my rear in gear. I also changed up my routine and am still fleshing that out. Once I’m back to race training – starting the week of February 20, it’ll be much clearer what I should be doing when. For now I need to buckle down and be serious without a schedule.
January ending weight – 177.8

So not a great report card, but it could be worse.

I did clean the living room last night and made it much friendlier – yoga and other workouts should be a lot easier without having to work around the clutter that has been in there. Also keeping things more organized will make life in general a lot easier. I did make one discovery though…

My running clothes drawer has expanded into a second one.


And in other news… I went for a run today. 4/1 x 8. It was tough. I was unexpectedly wheezy – not sure if it’s the weird temperature swings we’ve been having or what was causing it to act up. But it was a bit rough. I’m thinking I may stick with 3/1 for a while since my body seems to be liking that. I might experiment with 3:30/1 just to see. Thursday’s run I think I’ll try that. 🙂

January Mileage: 53.77 miles
2012 Miles: 53.77 miles


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