So friggin proud of myself right now!!!

The backstory…

So I had the interview about things that intimidate us with Runner’s World today. It was fun! We first talked about time limits and I was able to figure out why (besides the no bling – to clarify, no bling if I don’t finish while the course is still open…I’ll discuss the medal thing and my philosophy on them (hint: they’re called FINISHER’S MEDALS for a reason) soon) the possibility of not finishing SF in the time limit scared me so much. With my Halfs, I know I can run a 2:40:37. I’ve done it. I can definitely comfortably finish a Half in under 3 hours. Wine and Dine was an anomaly, and because I’ve run better, I could analyze what all went wrong with it. I don’t have the knowledge that I CAN run a sub-6 Marathon, and so if I attempted SF and got swept or told to go to the sidewalks, I really think it would shake my confidence a lot. I don’t have anything to fall back on and really make it possible for me to analyze it for what was different and what went wrong. And then we discussed the tough course thing – HILLS – and how sometimes you might build something up so big in your head that the reality isn’t as bad as you’ve imagined.

Doesn’t mean I’m doing SF in 2012. But…

I’m willing to say I’ll see how things go in training for Broad Street and how that goes. And if I feel confident enough in it and SF is still open, I *MIGHT* *MIGHT* *MIGHT* consider it.


But if nothing else came of the conversation, one thing did…

I need to learn how to if not love hills, at least make friends with them.

Since my call-in was a no, tonight gave me the perfect chance to start! I got home, changed, and headed to Prospect Park and my old nemesis The Beast. Now, yes, over the summer I discovered its evil big brother on the other side when i go the opposite way, but I thought it was best to give it a shot with one that I have tackled before. Even if it’s been a while.

I started out and things were going great! My running pace was good. My walking pace was generally staying up. And then I realized that I wasn’t going to have to start The Beast partway through a run segment. Oh no. I was going to start it at the same time as a run interval. Meaning a whole 3 minutes would be on it.

But I wasn’t going to back off and walk unless I was literally on the verge of collapse.

And guess what????

I DID IT!!!! I ran that whole segment on The Beast and I kept my walking up too! (Though honestly I think that was as much really not wanting to have to start running on that last little bit of steepish incline…which I sort of ended up having to do anyway.) And also? Even though I was tired, I did all the rest of my running segments!!

And best of all? My average pace for the run was 12:44 – which is definitely the fastest I’ve run in a while!!

I’m not delusional enough to think that every run from here on out will be this stellar. I know they won’t. But I’m definitely feeling very proud of myself right now!!


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