Well, hmm…

I thought I was back on track…but it seems like the tiredness I managed to avoid going into Disney has caught up with me. Getting up early in the mornings to do XT isn’t happening…and while I like running in the rain, I’m not as fond of COLD rain, and that’s what we have today.

So I’m taking today off.

It’s supposed to be pretty – if chilly – tomorrow, and I’ll have time to get a run in between school and Disney Store…if my call-in is a yes. I’ll lay out my stuff before leaving for school just to be on the safe side, but timing shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s not that I don’t want to run, it’s just…I’m tired. Really tired.

I don’t think it’s really a post-marathon let-down, but… Maybe it’s time to start looking to a goal just on the off-chance it is post-marathon let-down?

So… Coogan’s is coming up in just over a month. It’s definitely a challenge…and I need to get to work on hills. My time last year was 35:37. So… Let’s set the primary goal. Time: 34:59!! Other goal: do all my run intervals, even on the hills. This may be a case where the Other Goal ends up superseding the Time Goal…I can honestly say that if I do all my run intervals I will be so proud of myself, so if I can hit the goal time I’ll be even happier.

So there we have it. A race and a goal (or two)!


In other news…remember all my doubts about San Francisco and if I could do it (ultimately deciding to put it off until 2013)? The hills and the time limit and all? Well, on Runners World Online a couple of weeks ago there was a blog post asking about our doubts as runners. I mentioned that whole situation in the comments…and apparently tough courses are something they’re touching on in the article. I’m doing a phone interview on that with them tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted with whatever info I can. But I’m excited about this for sure!!


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