Slight change of plans…

Yeah, I know. I’m only a week into what I’d thought (do Bob’s 4-week dvd schedule AND keep running), but today showed me that I was really only asking for trouble to do some of those double workouts.

I definitely wanted to get my run in, which I did – rain and all. Seriously, I looked like a drowned rat when I got home. I got home and was supposed to do Pure Burn Super Strength in order to stay on track with Bob’s schedule. (Well, theoretically I was going to do the dvd this morning, but my body told me I needed another hour of sleep.) As I was stripping my wet clothes off, I really thought about it and decided that I definitely felt tired in a good way after the run and didn’t want that to affect any form which could lead to injuries. So I skipped the dvd.

And my thinking is this:
On run days I’ll just run.
On two non-run days I’ll do XT – one day Pure Burn Super Strength on one and Yoga for the Warrior on the other. Until I’m in the 4 runs per week schedule I’ll do Strength twice a week.
Sunday will be a rest day – unless I can’t run on Saturday, and then Saturday will be rest and Sunday will be run.

Hey, it’s a work in progress. But I definitely think that between Cardio Conditioning and Super Strength, my running will benefit more from Super Strength (which does have a cardio component), hence my decision.

So we’ll see how it goes. Whee!

Oh yes… I got 3.9 miles in during my run today. 12:49 average pace. 3/1 intervals. And I did all my runs! I seem to do well running in the rain. It’s kinda scary. LOL.


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