Doubling up!

In terms of workouts that is. Since I’m doing the 4-week series Bob “prescribed” for his Inside Out dvd set AND still sticking with running (though not specifically training for a race right now I don’t want to lose my legs) so there will be some double days.

Today was my first double day. Running and Yoga for the Warrior.

Running was first – 3/2 x 6. It was tough. Bob’s workouts are working muscles that either don’t get used in running or they’re not getting used the same way in running. Like my hamstrings. Oy did they hurt today! And so getting going with the run was tough. Also it was cold and windy, and so I was a bit wheezy. But I got 2.79 miles in. So that’s almost 6 for the week so far.

Yoga for the Warrior was next. I had to do some mental battling with myself to do it once I got home from the run. It would have been easy to just put it off until tomorrow…but I’m trying to stick with Bob’s schedule, and it was scheduled for today. So I looked around and found my yoga mat (which hasn’t been used since NYE) and started. Once I was going, I was glad I was doing it. I’ll be honest though…I didn’t push AS hard as I could have with everything. But then other things (half moon for example) I pushed harder. So I think it balanced itself out.

And on the plus side, my hammies feel a little better. If it didn’t make me cool down, I’d totally put BioFreeze on them before bed (momentarily). But if I put that much on I’ll be shivering, which isn’t good. Probably just pop some Aleve. 🙂

Tomorrow’s a rest day. And then Saturday will be…interesting.

Hooray for changing up the routine! Even if the muscles hurt a bit, that’s good! It means I’m balancing things out a bit. Woo!


5 thoughts on “Doubling up!

  1. Bob’s workouts were the BEST thing I was doing back during marathon training (I can’t believe it’s been 10 months!). I seriously feel like I wouldn’t have goofed up my knee if I’d kept doing them instead of dropping most of them for running instead. I’m just getting back into them. Holy cow they’re hard. 🙂

    • Oh yes they’re hard! I budgeted time for the whole cardio the other day thinking “Oh I’ll be fine doing the full thing! I just ran a marathon.”

      Uh, no. I was watching that timing bar like a hawk for the 20 minute mark and then the easiest transition time to jump out.


      • Thanks…it’s still bad when I work it hard (like by running). I know I need to see a doctor again, but I keep procrastinating because (a) I’m scared of what they’ll say, and (b) I don’t know if I should see the same one I saw before or a different one.

        Actually, I’m pretty sure I should see a different one, and I know they’re just excuses. If you don’t see me tweet about it tomorrow, give me a hard time! LOL

      • Yes, it sounds like a visit to another doctor is in order. Remember…the quicker you get whatever is wrong dealt with, the quicker you can get back to running!!!!! 🙂

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