Let’s get this party started!

Today starts my attempt to do the 4-week cycle of Bob Harper’s Inside Out method dvds. As well as running. We’ll see how this goes.

Today was Pure Burn Super Strength. The instructions were for beginners and intermediates to do the beginners workout. And since other than running my strongs aren’t great, I’m definitely beginner/intermediate. I did use little hand weights – only 3 pounds, but by the end of the arm rotation thing I was glad it was *only* 3 pounds. Wowza. I’m trying to focus on the day and not worry about what’s coming, but having attempted to get through the whole thing, I do know in my head what’s coming. And it’s scary!! But I will work through it.

It was also a recovery run day, so I bundled up and did that. 6 reps at 3/2 intervals. I got in 2.93 miles and felt good the whole time. I pushed through even when I was tired, and that’s something I really want to work on…pushing through the hard parts rather than giving in and walking. So far so good!

Oh, and did I mention that both of those were done after spending the morning freezing in the dentist’s office? I did something to one of my teeth – I thought it was cracked – the other day. And the boiler was out in his office this morning, so it was frigid. At first he didn’t see anything, but he numbed me and was either drilling or polishing when I was proven right. Kind of. I’d broken a corner of it. Luckily not enough to require a root canal, so he did casts for a crown and whatever else he had to do, and filled a little developing cavity in the tooth next to the broken one. I go back next Wednesday for the crown and my cleaning. I forgot how sore your mouth can be after dental work until I was trying to eat my dinner. Owie!! But it could have been a lot worse!!

And in non-running goals… I’ve got two dates set up this week from my first foray into working on that particular goal. And three more to get set up! Who knew??? So we’ll see how it goes!


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