Making some decisions

So I’ve spent the past few days (between work, sleep, etc. – not exercising yet…I’ll do a light run tomorrow) thinking about what I want this next year to look like running-wise as well as other things. While this blog will remain primarily about my running, I’m trying to integrate more, so I’ll probably touch on some different things as well.

I got a training journal from Believe I Am and have started filling it out in terms of goals. I’ve selected three to focus on for the year.

First: Finally finish a novel and/or play that I’ve been working on.
I’ve got a couple of novels in various stages of development as well as maybe a quarter of a play. In training for the marathon (and teaching and working at Disney) I let myself get away from the creative side of me, and I want to get that back. I’m committing to a minimum of writing for an hour three times a week – and in some cases “writing” may be spent detailing a character to get to know that character better and/or research if necessary into something. If it means I need to fit another Gotham class into my schedule and budget, I’ll do my best to do it.

Second: Be more active socially.
And I mean both in the general sense of the word as well as in causes I believe in. It’s too easy to let myself get isolated and not get involved – either with causes or people. I want to stretch myself and make an effort. And if that results in finding someone to hang out with on a regular basis, so be it. A relationship isn’t the end goal here. Just putting myself out there and being more involved in life.

Third: Get myself to a healthy BMI.
To be at the top of the range for my height, I need to drop 40.2 more pounds. My thinking is I’d like to go a little lower, but I’ll get there and evaluate how I look and feel. Thing number one with this will be healthier eating – more fruits and veggies and less fried things and take out. Also related food-wise? Stop over-rewarding myself for runs. Yes I need to refuel, but I don’t need a big old treat every single time. In addition to my running, be much better about my XT. I’m still contemplating joining a yoga studio, but I think that starting Monday I’m going to (assuming I can find either my print out or the version online) do the 4-week training schedule for Bob Harper’s Inside Out series. Work on my strongs in places other than just my legs. Also be more consistent about stretching and strengthening my pelvic area.

So there we have it. Goals for the year laid out. 🙂

And then some other decisions… Like in terms of racing.

I’ve decided NYC is out. I have to draw a line somewhere, and the cost is just too much. There are plenty of other people who don’t think it’s too much and will continue doing it. That’s great for them. I have to go with what feels right to me. And for me, if I’m going to spend that kind of money on a race, I’d rather go somewhere fun and exciting. Your mileage may vary, and that’s fine. I just don’t feel strongly enough that I HAVE to do NYC that I’m willing to cross the maximum line I set, even for “only $2”.

I know I’d mentioned San Francisco. And I do want to do it. But not in 2012. Even though I’ve read that they are generous with the time limit, I would be heartbroken if this is the year they decide to get uber strict and I wasn’t able to knock off those 33 minutes (18 of moving time if I go by my Garmin, which I paused for potty breaks). I’d rather get a good solid year of training under my belt, see what that does at Disney 2013, and THEN do SF in 2013.

So it looks like it’ll be one marathon for me in 2012. And I’m ok with that. 🙂

So here’s the plan:
* For the next 4 weeks, start back with some light running and do Bob’s DVD series. Weekend runs will be in the 4-6 mile range.
* February 14, I will start using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half Marathon plan – with Coach Jenny’s 4/1 intervals – to train for the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia in May. Registration opens in February for that and believe me I’ve got it marked on my calendar.
As part of that, I’ll be doing a 5K (slightly earlier than the plan says, but it’s one of my favorite races and it’s fun) on March 4 – Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks; and a 10K on April 14, the Rockapulco Spring 10K.

* May and June will be more of a focus on XT while maintaining a base until I will start training for Disney’s Tower of Terror 10 Mile race on July 10, again using Higdon’s Novice 2 HM with Jenny’s intervals (assuming I like it and it works). Again, I’ll be trying to find a 5K and 10K to fit in there somewhere. If I can’t, I’ll do “time trials” on my own. 🙂

* That will fishtail into my training for the Walt Disney World Marathon, January 13, 2013. 20th Anniversary bling, baby!!
Part of that training (again, Higdon Novice 2 Marathon with Jenny’s intervals) calls for a Half Marathon, and I’m about 99% decided on Philly in November. It’s not so horribly far to travel (and there are affordable options between train or decent, safe bus), usually some Front Runners do either the half or the full, and some ROTEars are considering it as well. I think there’s a 5K and/or a 10K or two in there as well…but I don’t have the plan right in front of me.

I do plan during June to run the NYRR Mini 10K and of course the Pride Run – so clearly running training will be going on, just not as formalized as for the other races.

I’m feeling good about my decisions and what I’m going to be working towards. I feel like working to get the 9 races I needed in for the now-not-happening NYC Marathon really wore me down and kept me from focusing as clearly as I should have on other specifics. I’m hoping that limiting the number of races this year will help me to focus more on not only mileage but also strengthening what needs to be strengthened and truly being at the best place I can for WDW 2013.

Forward ho!


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