Hello there 2012!! What shall we do??

So it’s a new year. While I’m not one that really does “resolutions” I’m not opposed to setting goals. So I’ll address those in this post.

But first up…


I leave on Thursday evening! I’ve already packed everything but last minute stuff – I’ve got such a busy week leading up to Thursday if it didn’t get done today it wasn’t getting done. So it’s done. Friday morning I’ll walk the 5K with Andrea, and then we’ll meet up with the parents for breakfast and then head to the expo for me to get my stuff for the marathon! I’m definitely planning on sticking around for some of the speakers – we are truly going with “we are adults and do not have to stick together the whole time” on this trip. Saturday will be cheering on Seth and Rick and others doing the Half (not sure where I’ll be or what the time frame will be), and then I’ll probably go back to the expo for more of the speaker series…and then chilling at CBR (oh…guess I should pack my swimsuit…gonna do that now).

Ok, I’m back. Sunday is the big day. Marathon Day!!! I’m not thrilled with the high temperatures that are showing up for that day. I’d rather it was cooler. Still, I’ll do my best. That night Andrea’s planned something to celebrate the marathon and Daddy’s 70h birthday. Should be good! Monday morning is breakfast at Ohana, and then hanging out until it’s time to go back to the airport and fly back to NYC.

Whee!! Can’t believe it’s finally here!!!!

Now…for 2012…

Honestly the WDW Marathon is the only thing I’m 100% committed to by virtue of having paid for it.

Other things I’m looking at:
* The Broad Street Run. I considered this one in 2011 but didn’t sign up. I want to do it in 2012 and plan to. Registration isn’t open yet.

* The San Francisco Marathon. I really want to do this…the only thing that’s holding me back (well, besides making sure my body is ok with 26.2) is that there’s a 6 hour time limit. Best-case the McMillan race predictor says 5:45 for me for Disney. I kind of want to see how I do time-wise to make sure it’s possible. But three of my ROTE friends will be there, and they’re totally pushing me to do it. So worst-case I’ll pick one of the halfs to do.

* The Tower of Terror 10 Mile race. Yes it’s Disney. Yes it’s only 10 miles. But it sounds fun! I’d like to try it at least once.

And then there’s the NYC Marathon. I’ve qualified via the NYRR 9+1 plan. I just have to decide if I’m willing to cross my line. You might remember when I mentioned in this post how I was afraid that $225 might be low for the NYCM? Turns out I wasn’t far off. Everyone pays a processing fee of $11, so my totals include that. NYRR members: $227; Non-NYRR Members who are US residents: $266; Non-US residents: $358. I know it’s “only” $2 over my line in the sand, but I really have to think about if it’s worth it to me. I’ve already done the 9, the standing in 14 degree weather (less with wind) for my +1, and renewed my membership…so that money goes into it as well. I just have to decide if for me it’s worth it to pay that much for one race – not including travel, etc. I honestly spent that (less if you count in all the stuff to guarantee my entry) on Disneyland, and that was across the country. Admittedly I used miles for the flight, but still. That included a trip. NYCM merely includes a ferry ride to another borough. I get that it’s a big bucket list item for a lot of people – and some of you probably think I’m an idiot for even saying “I’m not sure”, but that’s the truth. I’m not sure it’s worth that much to me that I’m willing to spend that kind of money. Thankfully I don’t have to decide just yet.

Gracie and I have discussed doing the Mini 10K in June, and while I hate 10Ks, I do love that race, so that’ll most likely definitely happen. At least for me. And I’m sure that even as miserable as the temperature was this year I’ll do the Pride Run again. Gotta support my club!

Beyond that, I don’t know. I know if I do decide to do NYCM this year it will be the one and only time. I’m sure the fees will only climb, and people will still be crazy enough willing to pay them, no matter how exorbitant they are. So I’m not even sure if I’ll renew the NYRR membership and/or how many of their races I’ll do. This may be the time to check out other races within travel distance and see what else is out there.

Time will tell!

Oh yes…goals…

* keep running and work on just improving in whatever shape that takes.
* get back into yoga at a studio…most likely Laughing Lotus
* get down to that healthy BMI
* more fruits and veggies…less fried stuff


4 thoughts on “Hello there 2012!! What shall we do??

  1. Disney!!!!!! I can’t wait! I started packing my race gear tonight. Lol

    The NYC Marathon sounds awesome! But if you decide not to sign up, you could sign up with me for the Chicago Marathon in October. 🙂 Registration opens on Feb 1st and costs $250.

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