Tracking and other things!

Just some random bullet points/thoughts…

* First up, if anyone’s interested in tracking me, you can go here and search Elizabeth Strickland. I would be the 40 year old one in NY. šŸ™‚

* In the “And you thought wearing the race shirt during (or before!) the race was courting bad karma/ju ju…” files: last night we had a woman come into the store to (get this) buy a plush Mickey Mouse to CUT THE EARS OFF to make her headband/whatever for the marathon!!! We have a Minnie headband with removable or changeable bows, but for some reason that wouldn’t do. And my guess is she’s getting down there too late to get ears when she gets there (though if so, it’s unclear to me why whoever is picking up her bib can’t also pick up Ears) because when I suggested that they have Ears at WDW, she said “I know…but it has to be finished before I leave.” She asked what I was dressing as and I gently and politely said “a runner” and when she said that this is her first and she wants it to be fun I also added that last year was my first and I had a blast, even dressed as a runner. Oh well. As Kathy said on my FB, “It’s Taper Madness Disney-Style” I suppose. Though really? Cutting the ears off a poor, defenseless Mickey plush? That’s gotta be courting the bad karma/ju ju BIG TIME!

* Looks like my packing will be done Monday during the day (so running clothes will have to be washed Sunday) as I’m working Sunday through Tuesday nights, then seeing Billy Elliot Wednesday night (it was literally the only opportunity I’d have to see it one last time before it closes). Eek!!

* NYE plans have been cemented. I’m going to the yoga event at Laughing Lotus! EXCITED!!!! I’m ready to get back into yoga a bit more (in addition to running, don’t worry!), and I figure getting my zen on to start the new year and as I get ready for the marathon will be a good thing!

One week from today I head down!! WHEE!!!!


One thought on “Tracking and other things!

  1. Cutting the ears off a Mickey plus? That is just disturbing!!! Poor earless plush Mickey šŸ˜¦ I guess he’d have a home on the Island of Misfit Toys? I dunno.

    Bad juju, definitely.

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