Woo! Back with a vengeance!

Slug week has ended!! Hooray!!

Yesterday I went to Prospect Park and did an 8 reps of 5/1 intervals run. It wasn’t the prettiest, but I got it done. I did figure out that my body is just not down with the 5/1 thing right now. I might start out ok, but then I had to drop to a walk closer to the 4 minute mark, which I did because foot time is better than no time, but I don’t want to be doing that on race day if I can help it.

Today I did mt 4/1 x 8 reps run. I hadn’t really intended it to be a “tempo” run, but it did turn out to be pretty close to that. My run intervals were really consistent – in the 11:40ish range! Bonus!! I’ll definitely take it. Yes, I got tired towards the end, but I never let myself walk during a run interval, and I finished tired, but feeling really proud of myself!

I also got to try out my new Balega socks from my Penguin Santa! I’ve been wanting to try Balegas, but haven’t gotten any for myself yet. These are the Women’s Enduro Quarter, and I am in love with them! Definitely want to try and grab another pair or two before Disney (or worst-case at the expo since you don’t really break in socks). LOVE!


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