Well, that wasn’t the intended start to the taper…

A slug week that is. It’s just between work at school and work at Disney (pulled some major hours there this week), I ended up taking the week off from running.

I compensated for it by walking around a lot (example: to church last night…down to 28th St from 46th St) and taking stairs wherever available (though in all honesty that was also partly because a little over a week ago there was a horrific accident where an elevator took off while people were getting on and a woman was crushed to death…so I’m avoiding them as much as I can – especially as it had just been inspected!!).

My plan had been to get about 10 miles in today…but I slept until my parents called at around 8:30. Then I made my “grown-up” Christmas breakfast (our family traditional Christmas breakfast of country ham, scrambled eggs, grits and biscuite with marmelade – with the grown-up exchanges of a mimosa and coffee rather than OJ and cocoa). By the time I’d finished that and cleaned up and realized how long I’d need to let it settle, I realized I really don’t have time to get a run and shower in before I’m due in Manhattan for a 6th Night of Chanukah Potluck (I feel I need to be there for the candle lighting). So it’s turned into a general rest week.

Probably not the best thing I could have done, but also not the worst as it did allow me to get a little more sleep at times – as opposed to getting up an hour or so early.

This week I shall do all my runs and workouts. And stretching!

Two weeks to go!!!


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