Let the taper begin!

Well, technically it began a little after 11am yesterday morning when I finished my 20-miler.

It wasn’t the easiest run…and certainly didn’t feel as easy as last week’s. But then again I was running in Central Park which has hills as opposed to along the Hudson River where it’s flat (maybe tiny inclines here and there, but definitely not hills). I tried my best to slow myself down, but I still ended up on the faster end of the time range for my LSRs. But I got it done and I’m proud of that.

Went to Rutgers for the Front Runners weekly meeting. Good times. And I now have my FRNY hoodie! Woo!!

Last night was the FRNY Women’s Holiday Party and it was lots of fun. Good food, good friends. I ended up leaving early because the 20 miler (and my lack of a nap due to the backdoor neighbor blaring music all afternoon – and me feeling bad for asking her to please turn it down so I didn’t ask…it wasn’t late at night) finally caught up with me. But it being running club everyone understood.

And everyone’s being so supportive of me and the marathon! It’s really nice to have people who understand to talk with and talk me down. Alison in particular was great, telling me to just relax and enjoy it, to not worry about time, to trust my training and basically just be. 🙂 Thanks Alison!! Love you girl!!

And so now begins the taper! Three weeks from today is the day!!! Hooray!!!

I must add though… Weirdly? I’m not getting my usual day-after-long-run munchies. I wasn’t hungry yesterday, which is not unusual, and I’m not hungry today, which is. Interesting.


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