The number is 8495

My bib number for my first marathon that is! (The 5K number is 5032…but that’s a walk!)

I went to the library today and printed off my waiver. EEK!!!!!

Over the weekend we got the links to the final race instructions. They included a link to race etiquette. Whether it’s in relation to the nastiness that was reported taking place between runners in Las Vegas or not, I’m glad they included it. It’s mostly common sense stuff:

“Congratulations! You’ve made the commitment to lace up your sneakers and run in the 2012 Walt Disney World ® Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna.

“Running alongside thousands of people can be a pretty unique experience. And whether this is your first big race, or your 50th marathon, here are six simple “runner etiquette” tips that will help you – and your fellow runners – get the most out of your experience.

Share your space. Each of the races on Marathon Weekend are popular world-class events that attract thousands people from around the world. Wide open spaces are at a premium, and you’ll need to share your space. Be aware of the people around you, and your surroundings.

Look before you pass. It’s common for runners to jockey for position, pass slower runners, etc. Before leaving your personal “lane,” be sure to first check to either side of you. That way, you’ll avoid colliding with someone – and possibly ending that person’s race prematurely. This is especially true if you’re going to stop or slow down for a water station. And if you’re going to pass someone, announce “On your left” or “On your right” to let them know.

Thank the Volunteers. There would be no race without volunteers! So every opportunity you get, thank them. It means the world to them, and will keep them coming back next year!

Spit Down. Yes, it sounds gross, but it’s pretty common to spit when you’re running. And when you’re bunched together with thousands of other runners, it’s easy to accidentally expectorate on someone’s shoes or shirt. A good solution: Spit in front of you and down, not to the side. Just avoid the sneakers on the person in front of you.

Keep Moving Through the Finish. When you finish the race, the first thing you’ll likely want to do is stop running. It’s only natural! But as there are others behind you, keep walking forward, following the instructions of the finish line volunteers. Plus, you’ll get your finisher’s medal sooner.

Smile and Have Fun. Think about it: You’re running at Walt Disney World, where dreams come true. How cool is that? Enjoy it, and others around you will enjoy it more as well!

“You’ve made the commitment to participate in the 2012 Walt Disney World ® Marathon Weekend. Make sure you follow the rules of the road, make the most of your unique strengths . . . and remember that while you may be one runner among thousands, you are one of a kind. GO YOU!”

See? Pretty straightforward!!

On the final race instructions, they cover some other things.

“The race staff would like to thank you in advance for considering these etiquette tips as you enjoy Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend events. Please pay attention to
pre-race instructions – both print and verbal. What you read and hear will not only help guide you through the course but will keep you safe.

• Wear your bib number on the front of your shirt and SMILE! Brightroom photographers will be taking pictures of you throughout the race. (Pictures will be available at 2-3 days following the race. You will need your race number to access your photos.)

• Please enter your correct start corral. This will ensure that you are running with people who have a similar pace.

• Run or walk no more than two abreast. Other runners will want to get by you. If you are walking in a group, please start in the last corral.

• If you want to run with a friend and they are in a different corral, the faster of the two can move back to the slower corral.

• If you are stopping at a water or food station, move all the way over to the table. Grab water and move away from the table so that others may get water, too.

• Move to the side if someone behind you says “Excuse Me” or “Coming Through”.

• Feel free to shout words of encouragement to other runners. You will hear words of encouragement in return.

• When you are approaching the finish line, you may see loved ones cheering you on. Please do not encourage anyone to join you in the finish line stretch. Your support team is very important, but please communicate that the race course and finish area is for registered participants and staff only.

• Enjoy the post-race refreshments, but remember that others will want to enjoy the goodies, too. Please be courteous to those finishing behind you and take only one of each item.

• Celebrate! Thank your volunteers and have a great race!”

So simple…and yet so hard for people to grasp. In any race more or less. Most people are great, but there are always some!!

I would add this for spectators: cheer for everyone!! It doesn’t matter if they are on your “team” or not. There is nothing worse than passing people clearly spectating the race who are standing silent because you’re not “one of theirs”. (Well, there’s the exception of them standing silent as you pass only to hear them erupt in cheers just after you’ve passed because “one of theirs” appears. OR to have them start cheering for you because of the color you chose to wear the same color they’re looking for only to have them stop when they realize you’re simply in “their” color. NOT COOL PEOPLE! NOT COOL!) Cheer for everyone! You’ll have a much better time! 🙂

Tracking instructions aren’t up yet – they may not be until right before the weekend. But if they are, I’ll post them here in case anyone is interested in tracking me!

Today’s training run wasn’t as good as my long run on Saturday, but I got it done. With pepper spray in my pocket – got some yesterday. I hope I never have to use it, but I’m glad I have it in case.


2 thoughts on “The number is 8495

  1. I’m excited for you just reading those! And boy I wish my marathon had been a Disney one…they sure do know how to do it right.

    Also, make sure you practice with the pepper spray – it will really give you an advantage if you use it at the right time during the marathon. 😉

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