Gear!! (aka Merry Christmas to Me!!)

Ok, the long-awaited Garmin 210 review!! And some other things that I’ve gotten. All my Merry Christmas to me presents!

Starting with my Garmin 210. I went with the model with the pretty teal trim. It was time to move up from a footpod, which wasn’t really accurate, to a GPS, which tends to be at least slightly more accurate. I will say upfront that I don’t know how to use all the bells and whistles on it. I use the heart rate monitor (mainly to tell calories burned) and the interval setting. Once I played with it once or twice it got really easy to use. This one has a little person icon that on a run interval looks like you’re running and on a rest interval (walk for me) it is bending over holding its legs. Makes me laugh. 🙂 I’ve been very happy with it so far. It usually finds the satellites quickly – the exceptions being on really cloudy days and/or when I’m in between a lot of really tall buildings. Nothing new there…that’s pretty common for the gps watches from what I can tell. Are there fancier ones? Sure. But overall this one does what I need it to. I guess the only thing I wish I could do would be to easily change the interval times in case I am ever mid-run or mid-race and want to change them up. But that’s pretty minor.

My next thing that I got was the Phiten Air Titanium necklace in pink. Ok, ok. I realize it may be hooey…but it’s comfortable, Kara Goucher wears them (and if it’s good enough for her…), and it’s cute. Now, I’m not ready to fully say that yes it makes a difference in anything…but I will say that I was wearing it this past Saturday when I ran 18.93 miles and felt great the whole time. It was over the HM point before I felt like I was starting to tire. (Yes, I know…it’s possible (probable?) that that is a function of the training I’ve been doing. But like I said, it’s cute.) So maybe it’s hooey, but if it does something even psychological for me? I’ll wear it. I was a psych major and know just how important little psychological things can be.

And today was another new treat. Well, not so much new as replacement. A new foam roller. I’d had a short white one…but it’s getting mushy. I also have a tendency to roll off of the ends of it. So this one will be better. Though I’m sure I’ll be crying the first few times I use it.

So my Christmas to me shopping is done! Woo!! (Oh, I did get some pepper spray in a nice little hand-strap holster. After Saturday I decided it was time.)


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