18 miles!!!!!

We all remember what happened the last time I went for 18 miles, right? Hurt foot, visit to the urgent care, etc.

Well, yesterday I went out to do a long run and decided just to set the garmin for intervals based on 18 miles at a 14mm average, but not really worry about the miles and just see what would happen.

The morning started off interestingly – I was on the subway shortly after 5am. Took the G train to the transfer point for the A (the C isn’t running that early). I noticed a man look at me a couple of times (not that it should make a difference, but I was in a running skirt with capris under it and a long-sleeved shirt, so I was NOT dressed skimpily or revealing or anything – again, NOT that it matters one iota how I was dressed), but didn’t really think about it. He was in the same car I was when the A train came, but again not a big deal – that’s the area where he was standing. The car was cold, however, so I made the decision to switch cars. I looked around and guess who had followed me to the car. Yeah. I tried to ignore him, but I could feel him staring at me. When realized the next stop coming up was one I’m very familiar with and is one that still has booths with MTA workers in them, I made the decision to jump out at the last moment. Apparently I choreographed it too well or else the doors didn’t close as close to the chime as usual, because guess who also came out of the car. That clinched it. I went up the stairs and over to the booth. The woman looked up at me and I said “Can I just stand here for a few minutes?” and explained what was going on. She was great, and asked if I wanted her to call the cops. Because he hadn’t physically done anything to me and had gone down onto the downtown platform once he saw me at the booth, I said no, I didn’t want to deal with that based on just being creeped out. I waited there until she told me that a couple of trains going downtown had passed. At that point I decided to abandon the idea of Central Park – I just didn’t feel like risking anything by going back to the uptown platform in case he was still hanging out down there somewhere. I could get to Hudson River Park and that area, and I know that’s a good running area too, so I went with that option. And I shall be shopping for pepper spray this week. Too many of these things have been happening to women all over the city lately – I’m lucky all mine involved was a guy creepily watching and following me between cars and off a train. No groping or worse was involved.

So I started over to the river and started running up. Turns out I had an amazing run – done at 4/1 run/walk intervals. I felt so strong through the HM mark, and even a bit after that. I did drop to more walking after about mile 16, but I was never hurting to the point of “I need to stop”. I even was able to get back to a run the last minute of the last run interval!! My final distance? 18.93 miles!!! The farthest I’ve ever run in my life!!!! Time was 4:20.

Next Saturday? I’m slated for my 20…but I’m more concerned with foot time to be honest. I’m going to set my garmin for 4/1 intervals that go for probably 5:15 – that will hopefully leave me with only 30 minutes of unknown territory at Disney rather than an hour or more. I’m going to work at holding myself back a bit in pace so it’s more about foot time. I should hit at least 20, and anything else will be icing!




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