Got a runner on your gift list?

Tis the season after all!!! 🙂

I had a comment asking about suggestions for gifts for runners. Ok, this was specifically birthday, but since it is the season of giving, I figured I’d do a post on it. Keep in mind, these are things that I have wished for and would love to have. You (and/or your runner’s) mileage may vary.

And NO I am not asking any reader for gifts! I’m merely pointing out things that I am wishing for from my family and in those Secret Santa exchanges I am participating in!! As well as offering my thoughts and suggestions for any readers who have a runner in their life.

Things on my wishlist…

In my case Brooks Defyance 4 and Brooks Ravenna 2 to be specific – for me. But whatever shoes your runner wears would make a great present. Especially at this time of year there are many makes which are being updated so you might be able to get quite the deal on the model they’ve been using. As someone who had to change shoes when her former model (the Asics GT-2150) was updated to a model that simply didn’t work with her feet, I really wish I’d stocked up on the 2150 when I had the chance. Well, until I discovered Brooks and began running happy!

Specifically technical clothing that’s designed to wick sweat away from the body. In other words, NOT COTTON (well, unless it’s the newer stuff that’s engineered as a technical cotton…runDisney has a few shirts in this). Socks are great…running socks! If your runner is running in cold weather, gloves, a headband or hat, and a vest or running jacket (or if you’re feeling really generous a jacket that becomes a vest by zipping the arms off). And/or arm sleeves! I haven’t asked for any of these things specifically…I’m pretty set on that kind of gear at the moment.
What I have asked for is skirts!!
Lotta Breeze Capri from SkirtSports and RunningSkirts SubZero Skirt. I’ve got regular skirts pretty well covered at the moment, but I could use some with capris or tights since I do live in NYC. I’ve got one, and I’ve been making my own combining capris and skirts. Keeps my butt warm anyway.

GU ~ my favorite flavors are Peppermint Stick, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Outrage and then in the Roctane formula Chocolate Raspberry.
Nuun hydration tabs. My faves Tri-Berry and Strawberry Lemonade.
Honey Stinger. This is a fairly new discovery for me. In the gels I’ve only had the chocolate and it was good – yeah, I wouldn’t have thought chocolate and honey go together either, but it’s good. But the real treasure here is the Honey Stinger Waffle. I’ve had the honey waffle and the vanilla waffle and am completely in love with them. Definitely high on my list – and for me about the only thing I’ve found I can comfortably run and chew at the same time.

The Grid foam roller. I need a new one and am lusting after this one!!
BibFolio. My personal fave is Run With Your Heart.
Medal Displays. My personal fave is Believe.
Spirit of the Marathon. For me, the most inspirational movie regarding running. If I don’t get this one from Santa, I’m buying it myself for viewing on the way to Disney. And the night before. And possibly the morning of before getting on the bus since I may not sleep much at all.
Marathon Woman by Katherine Switzer. She’s definitely a hero of mine and it’s one book I’ll make an exception to my e-book-only rule.
BodyGlide. Enough said.
KT Tape. Again, enough said.

And IMHO the most important thing you could give a runner in your life:
RoadID. I have the interactive dogtag form but am definitely considering getting a bracelet form as well. This kind of thing can save your life. It’s saved the lives of relatives of friends. It can speak for you if you’re unable to speak for yourself. My sister has a friend whose father was at a conference and went running during a break. He had a heart attack and collapsed – and no one knew where he was. He was found – and no, RoadID wouldn’t have helped in actually locating him – and spent a couple of days in the hospital as a John Doe before people at the conference were able to put two and two together and track him down. If he had a Road ID (and had been wearing it), the doctors would have had immediate access to his medical history as well as his emergency contact information. He’s doing ok now, but it’s scary to think what could have happened. Seriously…get the runner in your life a RoadID!

I promise, tomorrow a review of my Garmin 210. Which was my Christmas present to me!


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