So I’ll Set Fire To The Rain…

…or at least show it I’m not afraid of it!!

That’s right! My run was outside in the rain! All 4.26 miles of it!!

Ok, it wasn’t POURING, but it went from a misty drizzle to a steady rain a few times during the course of it.

I remember back in the late 70s my dad decided he wanted to “jog”. But if it was gross outside, he wouldn’t go out. We used to tease him whenever we’d be driving in the rain and see someone running by saying “Look Daddy! A *faithful* jogger!” None of us got it then.

I get it now.

First, I like how I feel when I run. Maybe not in the moment when I’m panting for breath and my legs are burning, but overall how it makes me feel; and how I feel when I’ve finished a run, especially if it’s long, hard, and/or in challenging circumstances.

Second, and more importantly right now, I paid a lot of good money for the Walt Disney World Marathon on 1/8/1012. If it happens to be gross weather, I’m not going to not run it. I’ll be out there giving it my best shot for all 26.2 miles. Even if it was an option at Disney, I personally wouldn’t ever take the cut-off and run the half instead if I was in a half and full race if I was registered for the full. Personally I’d rather stop since in my mind it would be a DNF anyway. Other people feel differently and that’s their right…but to me, if I register for a full then unless I change before the cut-off for changing, if I were to change to the half mid-course I’m NOT finishing the race I was registered for, ergo I earned a DNF for that race. Sure I got a good 13.1 training run out of it, but I’d never accept a medal or results for a half unless I legitimately changed to it. Totally moot point with Disney as the Half is on Saturday and the Full is on Sunday. So I digressed. Just to repeat the point of “Second” – I paid good money for the Walt Disney World Marathon. I am not going to let weather keep me from running it.

And so go out for a training run in the rain I did.

And it felt great!!!

AND I went over my mileage goal for the year. 750 miles managed!! And I’m not close to done yet!


2 thoughts on “So I’ll Set Fire To The Rain…

  1. I love (and miss) running in the rain. And you’re right, if you’re going to run the race in it you’d dang well better get some practice rainy runs in! 🙂 Great job getting out there, and great job going over 750!

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