Feeling like I’m back on track!

Today was a LSR. I knew I didn’t have time to attempt 18 again, and I figured after taking some time off with the foot it wouldn’t have been good anyway. So I decided to go for about 2 hours at 4/1 and see what happened.

9.51 miles is what happened!

9.51 pain-free and feeling-strong miles!!

I definitely felt like I could have continued on…and if I hadn’t had to work, I might have. I need to see if I can alter the number of intervals on the go with the garmin or if I’d have to do something like stop, reset, and then start again. Something to investigate.

When I got home and added the miles onto my total, I wished I HAD planned for a little more…I’m only 1.23 miles from my 2011 goal!! That’s craziness!!!!

I’ve got other things I’m going to do posts on…but right now I need to get ready for bed.

Happy running!!


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