I have successfully gotten two runs in!! And been relatively foot-pain-free!!

Wednesday I went into the store early, then changed and headed up to Central Park. My foot was still taped up with the KT tape for extra support, so that helped mentally. Also? Used my new Ravennas – I know I said those were for sure for longer runs and racing, but while the foot is still somewhat owie at times I’m wearing them as well. I did do a little more walking, but considering it was the first run back since Saturday I wasn’t going to fuss about it. Ended up with 3.84 miles. Hooray!!

Yesterday I got home from school and decided to go run around the block-sized park close to my apartment (btw ~ double yay here…my landlord is thrilled I’m staying put and said there’s no rent increase…AGAIN!) before going to be social with my running club and the local LGBT swim and dive club. I got changed, put on the garmin (I know…review still to come), and headed out the door. Realized partway through my warm-up I hadn’t put on the KT tape (the other had gotten old and loose). Debated going back to put it on, but ultimately just kept going. There were some twinges, but overall I did ok and never felt it so bad to the point of stopping. Technically I should have done 5/1 x 8, but I wasn’t feeling quite sure I could do 5. I’m thinking the marathon will be either 4/1 or 3/1…possibly 3:30/1…we’ll see how I’m feeling day-of/weekend-of. So I did 4:30/1…and somehow decided that x 10 was the way to go. So what would have been a 58 minute workout had I done it as prescribed ended up as a 65 minute workout. Oh well…other than one running segment where I walked more of it, I did all the running segments.

I’m getting ready to go into the store until 4:15 or 5:15 (my schedule was 10:15-5:15…but we’re opening an hour early so I’m due in at 9:15…but I don’t know if the off time moves up or not…nabd either way…I just have to go to JackRabbit and maybe Paragon depending on the KT colors JR has for KT tape and some things for my Penguin Santa AND my RWOL beginners forum secret santa), so I’ll do a LSR tomorrow early morning…probably in Prospect Park. Not really setting a mileage goal…either 2 or 3 laps of the park. IF I’m feeling good and have time I might add on a 4th…but we’ll see.

I am participating in Coach Jenny’s Holiday Challenge…and you should too!! This week’s prize is gloves that let you do the touchscreen thing with the glove on…not as interested in those simply because I just set the iPod on the audio book or podcast and go. And I don’t mess with my phone while running. So glove fingers you can touchscreen through aren’t really on my “need” list. LOL. But she’s got some other really cool prizes! 🙂

Alright…time to get ready for work. Enough babbling about running for now. Trying not to think about how the marathon is 5 weeks from Sunday. It’s almost up to the countdown on Marathon Talk!! EEK!!!!!


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