X-Rays Negative!

Granted, if it’s a recent stress fracture it won’t show up on the x-rays, but when the clinic called to say that the radiologist didn’t see anything I asked if the fact that I was on my feet for 4+ hours with just the KT tape (and shoes, duh) and the foot didn’t hurt was a good sign, the doctor said that yes. In all likelihood if it was a stress fracture I would have been in pain after that long on my feet, taping or no taping.

I haven’t been out to run on it yet (Coach Jenny’s rule is 3 complete days, so since it first hurt Saturday, that means Sunday, Monday and Tuesday no running until Wednesday)…but I’m hopeful. (And thinking I’ll try yoga or a lower impact DVD later today – which means basically modifying a dvd that’s higher impact to make it lower impact. Hee! I need to move!)


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