Ok…longest run ye- OW!!!!

Yesterday was to be my longest run yet. 18 miles (plus probably a little more if my trend stuck).

I got up, I headed to Central Park so I could try and time it that my last 3-4 would be during Front Runners fun run. Started off and all was well…mostly. Slight twinges in my left foot…but it seemed to be only when I was walking. So I kept going. I mean, some twinges are going to happen. It wasn’t like an OMG PAIN STOP NOW kind of thing. So I went on. But by the time I got to the 102nd St transverse, it was starting to twinge during running too. So I thought I’d give the non-paves path around the Reservoir a try. No go. Still hurting, and starting to get worse.

I had to make a decision – continue on in spite of the pain and get the miles in…and possibly risk the marathon by doing worse damage; or stop at under 5 miles, RICE it and possibly seek treatment, and hopefully be able to get things back on track ASAP.

I went with option 2. Granted I was on the East Side of the park, so that would have made for an interesting bit of subway transitions until I remembered that I could get on the 7 at Grand Central.

I got home and immediately put my foot up (that stuffed manatee comes in handy at times) with frozn blueberries on it while I did some research. I found an urgent care place that a) takes my insurance and b) does x-rays, so I headed over there. Got in pretty quickly. At first the girl at the desk said that the x-ray machine wasn’t working, but turns out it was. The doctor was really nice. She didn’t see anything on the x-ray (not uncommon with a stress fracture…especially if it’s new), but a radiologist will study it on Monday and they’ll get back to me. Other possibilities include a bone contusion – particularly on that big toe joint since the pain seems to be radiating from that general area, or a strain/sprain of some of those foot muscles. At any rate, the current scrip is RICE it as much as possible this weekend. If the x-ray doesn’t show anything but the pain continues, it’ll be time to go to a sports med person and/or podiatrist where there will likely be an MRI and/or bone scan.

This morning it definitely seems better. I made two in-the-night bathroom trips where it didn’t hurt at all. But then when I stretched (nothing formal…just that “I just woke up and am stretching everything” thing) and pointed and flexed my foot, it hurt a bit. To me, that seems to indicate it may well be the strain/sprain thing. But we shall see. In reading about stress fractures, they can be asymptomatic until you start going on them and then the pain increases. So… We shall see.

I do have to work at Disney for 4.5 hours today. I’m planning on wrapping my foot in the painful area with KT tape (not sure if that’s officially on their site, but I’m going to give it a go) for added support.

So… We shall see what happens. I think I’m going to get a new pair of Ravennas as well and maybe try the more supportive shoes for the moment leaving the neutral ones for shorter runs. (My old Ravennas are in the 300-400 mile range, so probably time for new ones.)

Fingers crossed and pixie dust!!!


One thought on “Ok…longest run ye- OW!!!!

  1. Interesting that it’s on your big toe, and at this mileage. Somewhere at my 16-17 mile range my big toe started hurting (kind of on the top of my foot above the ball). Only when I was flexing it upward, though. I think it was because my feet had swelled again on my long runs (they swell once around 5 miles, and then for me again around 15 miles) so I bumped my shoe size up and my toe started feeling better.

    Of course, my stride also changed (I don’t know if it was the new shoes or my hurt toe or both) and I messed up my knee, but that’s another story. LOL

    Good luck with the RICE!

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