Hopefully this is a good sign!

Today’s schedule was basically 4 hours of working at the store – meaning 4 hours on my feet and walking around. Not necessarily a good thing with a sore foot. But I looked at my options.

First up, I pulled out my old Clarks with a more solid sole than the flats I’ve been wearing (plus they tie, so that adds a little support as well). Then I went to KT Tape’s website to see if there was a taping for the foot that looked like it might be good for where mine had been hurting. There was! So I taped up the foot as well.

GOOD NEWS! No pain in it all afternoon at work!!! Meaning that it’s looking more like it’s a muscle strain. Fingers crossed!!

I went to Jack Rabbit and got a new pair of Ravenna 2s because my older pair is getting up there in miles, and I think I need to go back to more supportive shoes at least on the long runs. Plus I love the two elasticized parts in the lacing that wrap really snug around my feet. They had them in my size, so I got them.

Came home and iced the foot. Will do that again in a moment and pop some more Aleve before bed. I’m going to take tomorrow off from running and see how things feel at the end of the day. Assuming they’re still feeling good, I’ll get up Tuesday and do an easy run.

Big guarded sigh of relief!


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