T-Minus 8 weeks!!!

OMG!!! 8 weeks until the Walt Disney World Marathon – AKA my first full marathon!!!!!

I’m alternately excited and terrified!!

Overall I’m feeling good. I did 15.35 miles yesterday and generally felt ok. So it makes next weekend’s 16 miler slightly less terrifying. Yes, yesterday should have been 14. But I’m going by foot time more than anything. And 13:52 is very hard to digitalize, so I just round to 14. And since I’m doing WELL if i go as slow as 13:52 for an average pace, I’m likely going to end up going a little further distance-wise. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s not like I’m steaming through the long runs. My average pace yesterday was 13:41.

I’ve been assured that I’ll be fine. I’m putting in the training and I just need to trust that. I know intellectually that’s right. It worked for my half marathons for the most part (ok, it worked…there were other things that training couldn’t prepare me for that happened). It’s just scary!

8 weeks!! Or 56 days!! Or 1344 hours!! Or 80,640 minutes!! Or…ok, never mind. We’ll just leave it at that! 😀


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