Guess what I did?????

Remember when I was even more of a baby runner than I am now and I hated the hill in Prospect Park so much that I named it The Beast? And then how this summer I decided to go left rather than right and discovered that The Beast has an even more Evil Twin on the other side? (Clearly I knew it was there, but going down I didn’t realize how brutal it is going up.) And how every time I attempted to go left since that first time I’ve had to walk Evil Twin?

Today I ran it!!

Ok, not 100% consistently because I do run/walk. But I never dropped to a walk in the segment when I started up Evil Twin and even more important, I went back into a run after my walk segment ended!!

I’m so proud of myself right now!!

I do owe a big thanks to Martin and Tom at Marathon Talk for getting through it. They were discussing the NYC Marathon and Mary Keitany’s performance and talking about how yes, she did essentially blow up, but she was courageous enough to go for it knowing that blowing up was a possibility and how sometimes you just have to take a chance. I really wanted to conquer this hill at least once, but I as starting to doubt my ability to do it yet. Then I heard them say that about how sometimes you just have to take a chance, and I decided what the hell. I was going for it. And if I blew up, well, I’d limp my way to the subway, but at least I’d know I tried. So I went for it, and succeeded!!


coming soon: my review of my new toy: a Garmin 210W (I’m still working out the user kinks and don’t want my error to color anything, but overall I love it!!)


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