Disclaimer: I’m by no means an expert. I’m just a regular girl trying to figure things out – at least what works for me.

Food’s always been a weakness of mine. I love it – unfortunately not always the stuff that’s good for me. My waistline (and stretch marks) shows it. I’ve worked really hard over the past year and a half and have consciously dropped around 30 pounds. It’s more since I moved up here in 2006…but I wasn’t keeping track to really know…but I’d say since then I’ve dropped at least 50-60 pounds.

I’m still about where I was last year, and I know that’s all me. On The Biggest Loser this week they were discussing how long it takes to re-train your brain, but how easy it is to UN-re-train it. And that’s so true. I’ll be great for a few weeks, keeping my eating pretty healthy (ok, some Lean Cuisines in there, which isn’t great, but there are times when I need convenience, and it’s better than some of the other options out there), not so much eating out, etc. And then I’ll get take-out. Or eat at a fast food place. And no matter how healthy I try to be with it (“Oh, it’s grass-fed beef! And organic cheese! And the fries are cooked in olive oil! It’s ‘healthy’ fast food!” – yes, I’ve justified several meals at Elevation Burger that way), it so easily pops me back into the habit of getting takeout or eating out.

Now, I get it. It’s a lifestyle change, and there needs to be wiggle room in there. And yes I have gotten better at making healthier choices. But the fact remains, it does reset my brain back to the previous mindset that makes it ok to do take-out or eat out more frequently. And for me, at least right now, it’s not. I need to be more careful.

Even with what I eat that’s not take-out. Example – if I get tortilla chips and make “nachos” with chili and cheese, even low-fat and measured to the ounce, that can set me off on a take-out or junkier foods run. (I purposely do not use “binge” because it’s not in one sitting but will be over days or weeks.)

So I’ve been evaluating things and looking at options. I know a lot of people swear by weight watchers, but I’d rather see nutrients, calories, percentages than operate off these nebulous “points”, so I’m sticking with for now. And while we’re on percentages, a podcast or two back on PacePerMile (check it out…it’s gotten a lot better lately) their nutritionist was talking about average ideal percentages for carbs, protein and fat. I figured I’d give that a shot and see how it worked – I can manually set things on MFP, so that’s cool. Only little problem was that the percentages (65, 25, 15) added up to more than 100% and MFP won’t let you do that. So I decided that to start I’m going to try 60, 25, 15 and see how it works.

So far it’s going well. I mean, have I gotten it perfect yet? No. I’ve been slightly over with fat (only by a high of 7, but since it’s really low anyway it’s not a deal killer). Slightly under with carbs and proteins. But I’m learning and I’m getting better. I may gradually increase the carbs and decrease the fat (not to below 10%…you need some fat to exist), but we’ll see.

I will say this… Even with just 2 days at a lower fat percentage I feel slightly leaner. I feel like I look slightly leaner. Maybe it’s all in my head. I mean, yes I’ve dropped a couple of pounds, but that’s likely mostly water as my body corrects itself from my bad eating of late. Still, I guess even if it’s mental, that mentality thing helps. I mean, I got carrots, bananas, and lettuce at Trader Joe’s just now in addition to oatmeal, almond milk, light cheese, and veggie sausage (another in the “I’m trying it” series).

So we’ll see what happens. 🙂 I’m feeling good about this.

And in running fuels… GU definitely wins big time with their Peppermint Stick energy gel!! It’s not too sweet and not too hot. It is DELICIOUS!!! Wish it wasn’t just around seasonally. (Seriously, who decided that peppermint should be exclusively Christmas?? Thank goodness Starbucks keeps it around year-round!) I’ve heard rumors that one of the gel makers does a vanilla gingerbread, which sounds great as well…but I’ve not been able to find it. But I’m definitely stocking up on the Peppermint Stick GU! YUM!!!


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