A new monthly high!!

For the month of October, my mileage total was 87.07 miles – a new monthly high for me!! WOO!!! (Though I expect that November and possibly even December will be higher as my long runs increase in distance.)

I had a good run early this morning. 4/1 x 9 and went 4.34 miles in 55 minutes. As usual, especially with early early mornings, it took a little while to get going, but once I did I was fine. I’m aiming to go to bed early tonight and get up to do my run (3/1 x 10) early again…but we’ll see if that happens.

Heard back about the allergy testing today. And…well…I’m not confident it was my blood that was read. It came back as negative for peanuts – which make my chin break out and make me wheeze – but positive for egg whites, milk and wheat, none of which I react to (including today when I had a sandwich on whole wheat bread and a cheese stick). She said that my doctor said if they don’t bother me not to worry about it…but I’m seriously thinking I’m going to have them do the scratch test for foods when I go in again in December. In the meantime, I will try to limit my intake on those things – but I’m not cutting them out all together. It can’t hurt, right?


4 thoughts on “A new monthly high!!

  1. Hey! My name’s Beth, too! 🙂 I also did more miles this month than any other, though less than you at 63. I’m doing the Goofy, so I expect those miles to increase in the next two months. Congratulations and happy training!

  2. Wow. 87 miles! That’s awesome!

    I haven’t been as good about my Disney training as I should be. I’ve been committed to my long weekend runs, but during the week, not so great. But you’ve inspired me. I can’t wait to see what mileage November brings!

  3. That is really awesome, Beth! I ran 52 miles in October but you put me to shame… We both will be increasing our mileage in November and December for sure. Disney is getting closer all the time! Getting more and more excited! 🙂 Let’s keep it goin!

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