Ok, so the weather people were forecasting nasty weather for today (they were right…it’s nastiness outside). Yesterday I was slated to do Thursday’s run which didn’t happen because I wasn’t feeling up to par (fighting a cold) – 4/1 x 9. But looking at the forecast, I didn’t want to take a chance on not getting this week’s long run in. I mean, long runs are the backbone of marathon training, right? So I figured it would be better to possibly miss a short run in favor of getting a long run in.

So I did. Last night. 12.62 miles in 2:55. Average pace 13:52!! RIGHT on target for my long run paces!!! Ok, so it’s the lowest number in the range I was given, but still!!

And best of all, there was NO twinginess from the ITB!!! On either knee!!! YAY!!!!!

And yes, it turned out to be a good decision. The forecasters were right…mostly. They hadn’t predicted all the SNOW we are getting right now. Yes, they said we might get some, but not the accumulation we’re looking at. So clearly it would have been nasty and crazy to do a training run this morning when I’m fighting a cold. And tomorrow it will likely not be the best footing as I doubt the sidewalks/paths will be cleared (possibly exception being Central Park where there’s a NYRR race scheduled). So yay for making the right decision.

Went to Front Runners to chat and stuff, then went to JackRabbit to get some GU and a yoga strap so i can better do my stretches. They had peppermint GU in boxes!!!!! I got one box to try (also got a box of Chocolate Outrage). If I like it, I’ll stock up so I can have it beyond Christmas. I’ll let you know what I think. The guy who helped me said he tried some the other day and liked it. He said it’s not overly sweet which peppermint can sometimes be. Fingers crossed!!

This afternoon I did Bob Harper’s Yoga Meltdown. I always feel great when it’s over and love it. But those first 15 minutes of getting into the zen…ugh! 😛

If any of you readers are doing MCM tomorrow, good luck and have a great run!! And kudos to my friend Dahlia for setting a new PR and smashing her sub-2 hour goal in the Cape Cod Half Marathon today!!


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