Human pin cushion here!

Yesterday was my second visit to the allergist – and hopefully when we could do the testing.

We could. He listened to my lungs and said they sounded really good. He wanted me to do the blow test just to see how much I’d improved, but he felt comfortable going ahead and doing the testing for environmental allergens.

Breathing I was good – lungs were at 83%! When I was there 2 weeks ago it was 46%!! Seriously!! He said that frankly I’m lucky I didn’t collapse during the Wine and Dine Half. I’m chalking that up to me being willing to walk more than I’d planned on doing. And I’m definitely glad that we’re staying on property for Marathon Weekend! I love my sister, but I really can’t do cats.

That was borne out with the testing. There were six little groups of allergen stickies that were jabbed onto my forearms with different things people can be allergic to on each of them. In this case, pollens, molds, and some animal stuffs. I was itching almost instantly, and the 5-10 minute wait was TORTURE. I was literally almost in tears!! I remember when I did the allergy drug study (yes, for money!!) in Raleigh there was a little boy in the office who was being tested for all kinds of allergies. They were testing him on his back, and he was screaming and crying. I totally understand!! That has to be some kind of torture left over from medieval times!!

As I expected, my biggest bumps were oak, pine, cat and guinea pig. Yeah…why guinea pig is common enough to be on the “common allergens” test is a mystery to me too. But I reacted to almost every pollen I got stuck with. As my allergist said when he came in to do the check, he quipped “Oh yeah, we’ve got a live one here!” Haha. Just make the itching stop!! He read the bumps – there was one section that I didn’t react nearly as much to, but I’m not sure which it was. I think I was so allergic I’m going to be allergy medicated anyway so it doesn’t matter. LOL. He’s going to keep me on the Symbicort for now – I’ll go back in 5 weeks and we’ll reevaluate and hopefully he can put me on something a little less potent then, and after that possibly wean me off of it all together. For now, since OTC Allegra is working for me, we’re going to stick with that. He said that there may come a time that the OTC things won’t work and we’ll have to look at shots. But for now, Symbicort and OTC Allegra is what we’re going with.

In terms of food, I don’t know anything yet. I need to go to Quest today for a blood draw for that testing. So we’ll see what that brings besides peanuts, which we’re pretty sure will be positive. I looked at what he circled to be tested – a lot of the things I don’t have issues with, so I should be ok…but then again I never had issues with peanuts. I will seriously CRY if the test for coffee comes back positive. But we shall see.

I opted to risk being called into work tonight and not getting a run in. It was 70 and humid when the alarm went off at 4am, and it should be cooler and less humid this afternoon. Fingers crossed!!


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