Keep on keepin on

Training’s going well this week. Well, we’re only two days into it, but. Ha!

Yesterday I got up early and got in a 4.51 mile run before breakfast and going to school, then Disney Store. It was a long day, but overall I felt good through the whole day. Today I decided to sleep in a little (yes, it’s sad when 5am is “sleeping in”) and chance that my call-in would be a no. It was, so I got 3.85 miles in (this was 10 reps of 3/1; yesterday was 11 reps of 3/1..and I was going faster yesterday morning) this evening. I was a little wheezy in each of them (moreso today), but that was kind of to be expected as I’m off Allegra until tomorrow evening so I can get my allergy testing done. Hopefully I’ll be non-wheezy enough to do it and I can get on with life. LOL.

Saturday is the Rock n Roll New York 10K. This is shaping up to be interesting…with the potential of becoming a full-blown shitshow. It’s kind of sad since this is my introduction to the Rock n Roll series and I’d been interested in doing other races of theirs, but… Let’s start with there not being an estimated finish time on the registration when I registered (early on in the process) but it appearing at some point. Since I didn’t have one on my form, they just assumed that I’m slower than dirt and put me in Corral 9 with an estimated finish of 2:30. Seriously? I could WALK 10K faster than that. There are, at least from a glance at their facebook page, a LOT of other people in the same boat. Some, like me, didn’t have an “estimated finish” possibility but others say they DID put a time down and were still put in the 2:30 corrals (9 and 10…and lord help us if there are even more corrals…more on that in a minute). It’s going to be a LONG line at packet pick-up for those of us who need to change that estimated finish time. And THAT will be interesting. It’s going to be at Super Runners Store in Times Square. A store that’s roughly the size of a shoebox. It was crowded when packet pick up for the WTC Run to Remember was there, and that race is capped at something like 500. Even if there are as few as 500 per corral for RnR10K, that’s 5000 people! And I have a sinking suspicion that there may be closer to 1000/corral. So packet pick-up is going to be insane. I’m already bracing myself. And also? I’m shuddering at the thought of 10,000ish people trying to run a 10K in Prospect Park. I’m not sure how many people run the NYRR races there, but those are only 4-milers so there’s no lapping going on. For a 10K there’s definite lapping. So we’ll see. I’m trying to remain optimistic…but I’m bracing for a shitshow.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


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